Redefine customer value

While last week, we sought to increase customer value, lets look at ways in which we can redefine customer value. What are the ways we can grow by rethinking the jobs customers are trying to accomplish and use this to create new value, then enhancing their current value, or increasing their ability to derive value from your offerings.

An important frontier in B2B sales is redefining what we consider to be customer value itself.… Read more

What a CEO needs to know about customers- from touch points to journeys

As a practitioner, manager, and board director, and as a widely read observer, i can say clearly that Companies which create exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from their competitors and produce significantly better business results.

The practice of mapping the journey of our customers, is well established, but typically these elements have been treated distinctly- a piece of point of sale, a price, a sponsorship, and while there is typically oversight from a brand perspective to ensure there is fit with the brand, there is often little co-ordination from a customers perspective to ensure these touch points align to create a co-ordinated and self-reinforcing customer journey,

thats why I’d like to discuss moving from discussing elements of a marketing plan to the overall perception of the plan from a customers perspective.… Read more

So, how long do we give Uber?

Uber’s CEO has resigned, not unexpectedly, but unexpectedly quickly- they also lack a slew of other C-suite operatives, is this a sign that these insiders really did know that Uber had no conceivable path to profitability.

Its business model has been based on a massive internal contradiction: using a ginormous war chest to try to achieve a near-monopoly position in a low-margin, mature business that is fragmented geographically and locally.… Read more

More on Amazon- Wholefoods… drive for Scale

Taiwan based tech strategist Ben Thompson has a different, and interesting perspective on Amazon- Wholefoods, he writes:
(The big issue is ) logistics: Amazon is building out a delivery network with itself as the first-and-best customer; in the long run it seems obvious said logistics services will be exposed as a platform.

Amazon has never had sufficient scale in the grocery business to attract the best deals and to provide the cheapest service.… Read more

Amazon, Wholefoods and shoppers

Media is abuzz with Amazons recent bid for Wholefoods grocery chain.

Amazon agreed to acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, a 27% premium over the stock price on Thursday at close, and now intends to push down prices and go after Wal-Mart Stores, Target, the German discounters Aldi and Lidl that are expanding in the US, Costco, and grocery store chains, such as Kroger and the private-equity owned chains Safeway and Albertson’s.… Read more