One Minute management and the new GM

Two weeks ago, I introduced Ken Blanchard as an author. He has, of course, written much more than about effective problem delegation. Now I’d like to share another of his concepts- one minute management.

When i was a new manager I happened to read Ken Blanchard, One Minute manager series. As a believer that simpler is better, it struck me as a great start to managing people.… Read more

How to enable your team to think more Critically

What happens when a business proposal is tabled at a meeting, or when a new strategy or action plan is discussed, or when you have a competitive or industry review or when you are training your team?  As a new General Manager, are you happy with the depth of discussion that is created or do you feel that the information is treated quite superficially if its taken in at all.  … Read more

Making the HARDEST move

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The hardest move I ever had to make was moving from a functional head- in my case from Business Development Project management, and before that Marketing and then Sales Director- to General Manager.  And to be honest it was the transition that I was least prepared for.

being promoted 2

Looking back on my previous companies, I believe that this move is the most traumatic to job candidates primarily because many of the skills that led them to be great functional heads are pretty much redundant as a new General Manager.… Read more

What’s your role?

When starting on new business projects its great that everyone knows and understands their role in the project.

I am currently involved in an Education project that isn’t really going anywhere as people are a little confused over what their roles are.

The insight into what’s your role is the be very clear on the specific levels of engagement on a project and ensure everyone knows what role they play AND engage in a way appropriate to their role.… Read more