Top 10 signs of a Dysfunctional Board

I believe I was very lucky that few of the Boards of Directors I was a part of were really dysfunctional. Having said that a  dysfunctional board of directors has the ability to cause multiple headaches for your business or organization. In the penultimate discussion on Boards Lets look at why Boards go bad.

Not only will a dysfunctional board of directors often fail to make decisions that are in the best interest of the business, its dysfunction has the potential to move outside the confines of the boardroom, causing negative publicity.

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Upcoming Series

I am set to publish a 4 part series on managing boards of Directors over the next two weeks.

I hope that this is of use to those readers who are parts of Boards or who are about to either set up their own Board of Directors or Advisors, or joining similar Boards.

Being part of a Board is very different from being on a management team- different skills, different attitudes needed.… Read more

7 things to do immediately before your big speech

As you await your introduction to make that key note address many things may come into your mind. Typically you may second guess yourself and seek to change the thrust of your ideas, or maybe a headline in the mornings paper strikes you as apt and you look for a way to work it into your talk. You may feel nervous, start sweating.… Read more

Indonesian Election update

The Guardian reports; Voting in Indonesia’s presidential election has finished with both sides claiming  an early victory and a messy couple of weeks in the offing.

Indo vote 10 July

• Quick counts – sample polls counted to give an indication of the overall result – suggested that former Jakarta governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, the favourite going into the election, had triumphedJokowi told supporters that he had scored a victory.… Read more

Go on, make that offer FIRST…

One concept I’ve slowly learnt from business is that contrary to the commonly held wisdom, people who make the opening offer in a negotiation have the upper hand.

I’m currently looking for a house, overseas. And when I come to view places, typically there is a price indicated.  Although I may disagree with it, that price certainly puts a value perception in my mind about the house.… Read more