The 8 most important things a BOD must do.

Ive sat on Boards of Directors (BOD) for the last couple of decades and all to often I’ve seen battles between board members who really would prefer to run the company.

Running the company is the role for Operational Executive staff, not for the Board. So if running the company isn’t was a BOD should do, what is?

Whether you’re a BOD member of a new start up, or a SME, of a multinational, knowing exactly what you are really responsible for is critical to ensuring a successful business.  … Read more

7 Habits of successful new General Managers

One business book that I recommend consistently is Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People…  and despite being around a long time it’s still a great book, for being simple and powerful at the same time.

For the new General Manager,  let me channel Covey and suggest 7habits of my own.

As the newly promoted GM what habits should we take on from Covery to be successful?… Read more

Telltale Signs of poor eQ

I really had poor eQ when I first became a General Manager.  I was promoted for my functional skills rather than my leadership or people skills and I really struggled in my first years.

Looking back, the one tip I’d wished I’d received is about the importance of eQ in developing a great team, and a simple means of assessing your own eQ and those of the people around you.… Read more

How to … Scenario plan for Projects

One of  the challenges I faced while in employment was that when I was starting a project, I was often not really sure what was likely to happen in completing the project. While I was able to describe what I hoped would be the outcome, I was unable to guarantee the results that were likely to be achieved.

I presume you are often in these positions, too.… Read more

DISC profile under pressure and stress

We’ve all seen it before and recognize that different people respond to pressure in different ways.

Knowing how a person will react under pressure can be extremely useful in guiding management decisions. Understanding when a person’s behaviour betrays feelings of pressure can also be extremely advantageous in a number of ways.

‘Pressure’ in this sense is defined as a short-term effect.… Read more