3 Benefits in Developing Mindfulness

… and here are 5 tips to practicing it to better your health and wellbeing.

It’s a busy world. You tap away at your computer while keeping one eye on your iPhone and another on people walking past your cubicle. You plan your day while listening to your playlist and commuting to work, and then plan your weekend on the way back eyes glued to your iPad Calendar avoiding either fellow bus passengers or fellow drivers.… Read more

DISC preference profiling tool

Every person has distinctive characteristics and qualities, which combines to influence their thinking, preferences and behaviour.

The DISC Profiling System is a positive tool, aiming to help individuals increase in effectiveness as they identify and capitalise on strengths, whilst recognising potential weaknesses and blind spots. disc_chart

DISC is the four-quadrant self-assessment behaviour based model based on the work of Dr. W. M.… Read more

TEAMS profile tool

The TEAMS profile tool is an excellent corporate resource for team development, the results of The TEAMS Profile from Lifeskills Enrichment will give leaders the information required to understand the role preferences of their team members and to strategically place each person in their best position to maximise their effectiveness.

teams profile
The profile will increase team members’ understanding and appreciation for the different necessary roles within each effective team, each other’s talents, preferences, communication style, leadership qualities and challenge areas.… Read more

Do you really understand your Sales Team’s Strategy?

For Board members or for non-commercial executives thinking about the commercial area of their business branding, marketing and advertising occupies most focus and sales is left pretty much to fend for itself.

This mindset is to be regretted, as sales must offer the business many opportunities to add value in building and retaining a strong customer network. I have seen too many great brands with fantastic advertising flounder because no one could buy their product, or retailers or wholesalers were constantly out of stock or pricing did not reflect brand values.  … Read more

Two BIG benefits of enhancing Workplace eQ

Last week one of the people I work with, part time, resigned.

Its sad, she was a good team member a good worker, but the lack of good emotional skills in our workplace contributed to her resignation.

Looking back on my career, most of the great people that resigned from my teams did so because of a personal clash with co-workers or bosses.… Read more