Don’t hammer your audience; managing your customers attention

Attention is the number one commodity in today’s business world. Unless you can get it, you business won’t succeed.

So, we may not need to say it; but we will anyway… Don’t hammer the audience.

If you spam your customers every day looking for attention we’ll ignore you, and block you, and tell our befriends to ignore you.  Our attention precious; don’t abuse the privilege of having it occasionally.

 Certainly, Launch with panache and then follow up with a compelling reason to buy; and if and when you have something new and interesting to say, then you have our permission to say it. 

Work hard to keep your core users happy and informed, they are the ones that want to digest the most content from you. It’s the core who will spread the word on your behalf after they are delighted that your experience is better than thevexpection you set for them. But if you launch a product and promote and promote and promote just the launch for two years you’re missing the point. You’re going after the least committed people, your core is burned out on your old product and will abandon you.

You need to keep the attention of the core with something meaningful and beneficial to them. Here’s a example of four types of communication you can engage with- from Simon Kemp digital expert