Four building blocks to Marketing

I believe every person, to a greater or lesser extent, must become a marketer in some sense of the word. They must market themselves to become married or get a job. Some of us are native marketers, natural salesmen, who can assess a situation what you can off it and then communicate clearly and simple how to solve a problem, either through being hired or through using a service.

Most people, though, need to learn marketing, and often this is through painful trial and error.

As a marketer with thirty years of trial and error, I can say that Marketing is simple, and anyone can become a skilled marketer and brand builder.

This is the first in a series of skill posts expanding on the marketing process which i believe has become severely complicated.

The complications added to marketing, are unnecessary at this stage, and a firm grasp of the underlying principles of what you are doing in marketing or brand building is essential to further understanding of the process.

While the process of marketing is relatively simple, the insight into and application of these simple processes requires skill and judgement in reaching appropriate conclusions and implementing insightful decisions.

The foundation of marketing is understanding the relationship between your brand and your consumers. There is a simple four step process to achieve this

Step 1. Start with the consumer. Understand who they are and their needs or problems.

Step 2. Review your brand and how your brand can assist meet these needs.

Step 3. Be clear about what and how to communicate these benefits to consumers

Step 4. Be clear as to how and where consumers can choose your brand for your benefit.

Or in a diagram…

marketing process


This is the simple foundation of any brand building and marketing process… the rest is complication. And we’l slowly unfold the basis of marketing from this foundation.

From such a simple building block world conquering brands have been built.