Holiday planning and Personality styles

I try to plan my next holiday on the journey back from the “current” holiday. It gives me something to do to avoid the emotional drain of leaving a fantastic holiday experience and return to real life once again.

When i was working it was essential to squeeze as much joy out of holidays, less so now, but for me its always good to be able to think about holidays to look forward to.

A challenge for many is not only to decide what type of holiday suits them, but also how to plan for others.

Well why not use your DISC profile to assist, and to use this as a means to fit holiday plans to those who will travel with you.

Get some ideas here to make the trip as memorable and fun, without compromising on anyone’s needs:

D Style:

D personalities want to be adventurous, get out and explore, and accomplish goals. Of course, a D personality also wants to be the one picking his or her own activities. They want to know there’s plenty to do, and they won’t get bored. They’ll go climb to the top of a mountain or try scuba diving for the first time, and keep on moving.

I Style:

I personalities don’t need to plan things out in advance. Just put them with a group and allow them to thrive in a fun, social situation, and they’ll be just fine. Renting a beach house for a week with a group of old friends will be all an I personality needs, and they’ll take the rest as it comes.

S Style:

S personalities thrive from family and quality time with the people closest to them. It’s about the experience, the positive emotions and connections, and the tradition more than anything else. Annual trips to a family owned timeshare or camping are wonderful ways for S’s to enjoy a vacation.

C Style:

C personalities may have a list of must-see places across the country and world that they want to visit, and if they do not, they are happy to do lots of research to find those places. So any vacation with them should be a must-see, and once you’re there, you can be sure that a C personality will have a thorough itinerary, with everything planned and booked ahead of time. Educational trips and experiences, historical sites are also a plus.

Gaining this kind of insight in advance helps you and your family make the best out of any trip by combining interests or allowing for side trips and personal activities or experiences along the way.

Ok, so now you are in the middle of planning your holiday, what’s the best way to gain the support and commitment of the other styles…

Communicating with D personalities
Pick your fights carefully and avoid win/lose scenarios. D’s are the best at focusing on results and minimizing trivia. (Any type of restaurant will do. Just get going!) If you passionately care about a topic, speak up and don’t let D’s run over you. They respect people who stand up for themselves. Accept their fast pace and action focus. Don’t let their aloof demeanor fool you. Down deep they do really care about you.

Communicating with I personalities
Be willing to be flexible and spontaneous. Remember that I’s really care about people. Their emotions are tied to everything they do. They may be late, but they spent the most time selecting the perfect gift for so done back home ( maybe you!). I’s are the best at accepting everyone, finding what is right about other people, being spontaneous, and making social (and family) situations tolerable, if not fun. Plus they entertain everyone with humorous stories and jokes.

Communicating with S personalities
Remember how much S’s really care about you. They prepare your favorite food item, worry about making you a comfortable visitor, and fuss endlessly. Their casual, relaxed style means it doesn’t matter if you forgot the wine or showed up late. Be a helper and contribute whatever you can. Be appreciative. Accept the Steadiness folks for their genuineness and determination to please others. Just don’t offend them!

Communicating with C personalities
Keep in mind that any job worth doing is worth doing right, from the C’s point of view. Being attentive to details will take you far with these folks. Their demands for advance and detailed communications keep the holidays on target. Don’t be overwhelmed by their structure and order. If logic suggests a better path forward, just say so. (“This restaurant has a 4 star rating on trip-advisor and it has a promotion on drinks . Let’s try it!) Remember to thank them for the small details and follow traditional protocol.

Thinking this through, I have discovered a new side of me… whilst at work I don’t exhibit a C style, I do have the tendency to do research on holidays and to have a planned itinerary and to book things in advance… I think I do this because I don’t want to miss out on doing things and I also want to do the best things in any place… i like accomplishing things whilst on holiday. Oh by the way I wouldn’t plan a holiday like the title picture- too little time in each place and too much time packing and unpacking- no holiday at all!

But  am also happy to be flexible about rings too. As long as we have flights booked and a place to stay!!!

Happy planning for your 2015 holidays !