How memorable is your brand?

I’ll continue thinking about brands, businesses and growth, by now considering measurement.

We know that to successfully grow brands you need to win the battle for mental availability in your consumers mind by creating a compelling expectation and the battle for physical availability on retail shelves y delivering a distinctive experience.

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So how can we measure mental availability, the quality and quantity of the consumers expectation?

By auditing how memorable your brand is.

A brand is an idea system, the sum of different associations that creates a common identity. This system is brought to life through a network of elements that range from mission statements and brand guidelines, to logos and colour palettes, all the way to point of sales design and customer service interactions.

The consistent the network of activities are and the more distinct each element or interaction is, the easier it is for customers to remember the brand.


Brand audits are fairly common in marketing. Traditionally, a brand audit will analyze elements like brand strategy, standards for brand imagery and voice, and adherence to them across different regions and channels. Much less common is the idea of a memory-focused brand audit.

A memory-focused brand audit tests seven important questions across your business, communication channels, stakeholder interviews, competitive research, and other inputs. Two of the questions are global in scope. The remaining five focus on in-market brand tactics.


Global (Strategic)

1) Big Story: Does the brand have a single global story, mission or theme that’s consistent across all communications?

2) Identity System: Does the brand have a distinct and relevant verbal and visual system that’s represented and repeated across all communications?

Local (Tactical Execution)

3) Consistency: Do campaigns and each of their communication elements reinforce the same brand system?

4) Clarity: Will customers associate these communications with the brand?

5) Impact: What retrieval cues are these campaign communications delivering, and are they being delivered through the most emotionally engaging form(s) of media available?

6) Reach: Where (c.f. relevance) and in how many different places will the brand’s target audience be exposed to these communications?

7) Frequency: How often and how consistently will the target audience be exposed to these communications?

these topics are not yes or no answers, but provide the basis for a guided discussion.  They are worded in a way that indicates the positive answer that will build your brands and increase growth.