How to deal with a Conscientious Boss

I remember when I first came to Asia, how do I deal with a Boss from a culture different to mine. I struggled for a while until i first came into contact with DISC. I quickly saw it was a way to cut through my cultural bias and enable me to understand the behaviours of both my new colleagues and bosses.


In the fourth of four articles, I’ll help by enabling you to tell the archetype styles, and give you an idea of how you are able to deal with them, by understanding their behaviour preferences. Part two- dealing with, communicating with, working with a conscientious Boss, as they are focused on acquiring specific facts.

High C’s are Identified by These Easy to Read Traits

Communication              Direct, using facts, figures and data

Motivated by                      Looking for mistakes and errors

Orientation                        Organisation and procedures

Main Priority                    Facts

Wants                                    Getting it done right the first time

Basic Weakness             Inflexibility

Key Strength                     Planning and organizing

Turn Off                              Avoiding errors, trouble or danger

Work Pace                         Methodical

Emotion                              Fear

Wants Others                  Do things right

When confronted            Attempt to avoid conflict


When communicating with a COMPLIANT style:

  • Bring plenty of supporting material.
  • Have it organized and be logical.
  • Let them ask a lot of questions.

Factors that tend to create tension or dissatisfaction:

  • Being informal, loud and unorganized.
  • Not having enough information to prove your points.
  • Losing your temper and challenging their accuracy.


How “C” Boss Gives Assignments:

  • Prefers to send assignments via emails
  • Assignment will require research
  • Provides very specific deadlines with dates
  • Will ask for a process breakdown
  • Request is for your objective analysis


“In comparing this and last year’s Richland Development figures, there is a 38% variance in the sales we billed ($220,000  v. $135,600 ). You need to (a) compile a chart of the amount of purchases over the last five years; (b) a prioritized list of contributing factors to the decline; and (c) create a proposed course of action to correct these factors. Your report is due by next Friday, September 25, 2013 @ 3p.m..”

How to Respond to Assignments from “C” Boss:

  • Respond logically,
  • use task terms,
  • via email tactfully ask for clarification
  • Be diplomatic if requesting assistance
  • Include documentation via attachments
  • More detailed and accurate, the better


“Yes, I will examine the issue, investigate and produce the report by September 25th before 3p.m.. To research effectively, I will need to query a number of people in the department. May I request that you inform the staff as to why I will be asking for all documentation for the last five years related to Richland Development? Please advise.”

 Extra Tips…

Your Boss is a “C” and You Are a “D”   Respond with more depth, reasoning and information than you usually do.

Your Boss is a “C” and You Are an “I”   Be more formal, factual and logical in your response.

Your Boss is a “C” and You Are an “S”   Provide data and focus on task rather than developing a professional relationship.

Your Boss is a “C” and You Are a “C”  Clarify level of detail and analysis needed