How to turn negative energy into Positive results

We’ve all been in meetings where you’re presenting your ideas, and all you get is negative energy.   People complain your idea is impractical; it can’t be done.  They bring up a laundry list of objections.

You can either call off the meeting at this point and can your idea; or you can turn this negative energy into positive results.

How, you say?  Here’s how.

Before the objections start, after you have explained your idea, start a brainstorm session entitle “How can we Fxxk this up”  if you don’t like the F word, then “How can we stuff this up“.

1. Generate Objections. Take out a whiteboard, or a large sheet of paper, and ask for everyone’s views on how this idea could fail and how we could stuff up the idea or its implementation.  Yes, you ASK for OBJECTIONS.  And clearly write them all down on a list on the left side of the page. Get all the objections out, don’t try to address them, yet.

2. Focus. Once the list is exhausted, ask the group if there any way to group these objections to try to reduce the number? Try to be specific. Rather than noting ‘we’ll implement badly’; ask “How could we implement badly” and then get some specifics down.

3. Find a Positive response. Once you have the list, you can then go through and ask for ideas on how you can prevent the specific objections from occurring.  So with all the specifics in bad implementation, write down a positive response preventing or mitigating this potential occurrence.  And then incorporate this into your implementation plan.

After I learned this technique I never worried about objections in meetings when it came to implementing a plan, I had a sure fire way of turning all that negative energy into a positive outcome.