Lazy creativity

Being creative certainly isn’t easy, but i think you should stretch yourself when promoting great brands and the easy way out shouldn’t be the first call.

So what’s all this about?

Its Singapore’s national day in August and brands seek to associate themselves with this great national occasion.

Everyone knows a Tiger is more than a Singapore icon, and so Tigers new ads perplex  me.  Here’s the new ad


Obviously  the advert is on brief… the red can is clearly unleashed, and the brand is clearly associated with Singapore.

But this really is lazy creative. Its obvious. Do they believe consumers don’t know that Tiger is Singaporean, its been a Singapore icon since 1932. Now this advert would have been good for Carlsberg, or Heineken, clearly foreign brands.

The second reason for this ad being lazy creative is its been done before.

Starhub, a challenger brand to Singtel, unleashed its inner SIngapore a few years back.

imageAnd famous Singapore brand Ikea also tried this creative route as well.


And Tiger, sure the ad looks great, but its obvious and copied. Maybe the new creative leaders need a bit of an introduction to advertising in Singapore.

Tiger really needs to try harder.

Disagree with my views, or even if you agree i’d love to hear from you.