Make buying simple and easy

While its easy to say this, and in an increasingly complicated world, challenging to say the least, making your customers buying experience easier is a critical means to grow.

What’s at the heart of this? Simple, become the easiest partner to do business with. Make the customer experience easy, frictionless, and anticipative. Eradicate all reasons for customers to choose other companies to do business with.

Whatever the type of business—whether a commodity product or a highly specific, value-added service—it is vital to make offerings, interactions, processes, and systems as simple as possible from the customer’s perspective. The sales experience needs to be seamless, effortless, and cost-effective. Technology helps put customers in control, providing them with all the support they need to match their requirements with the most appropriate solutions.

My reading and experience  has indicated that companies seek to minimize potential points of friction in the delivery of customer value by making sales:


Many companies are rolling out new systems and processes (or revamping existing ones) to create a much smoother sales experience for their customers. Not incidentally, for the companies doing the selling, this often translates into leaner and more scalable operations, which creates the room to invest in further improvements.

Have you considered setting up a self-service approach as airlines have done when it comes to ticketing? Encourage your customers to self manage for the same or lower investment for them and lower costs for you. Enable customers to choose just the services they need, and you’ll find out whats must-have and what’s nice to have about your product and service offer.

Available anywhere, anytime, in any way.

Many B2B offerings and service concepts are following the lead of their B2C counterparts, providing 24/7 accessibility through any and all channels, many of them digital. An essential ingredient of any such strategy is to connect all the channels to ensure a consistent experience across the different touch points.

Have you considered how you can link your reps, with online portals with retail assistance? Can your Customers use click-and-collect to buy online or via your app and then pick up merchandise 60 minutes later at a nearby supportive retailer.
Anticipative and personalised.

The notion of “my  personalised B2B sales” is rapidly gaining ground. As more information becomes available in digital and connected form, the ability to anticipate and adapt to customer needs is on the rise. In practical terms, this means that customers benefit from customized interactions where they are presented with preconfigured value propositions geared toward their segment or specific situation.

Many technical product and solutions providers have boosted their sales performance by employing configurators and support tools that let customers quickly put together a customized product solution and generate a quotation.

So the moral of this story is, think from a customers perspective, consider how they interact with businesses in their business and personal life, and identify ways in which you can make it simpler for them to do business with you.