Overnight success is history; managing your customers attention

Attention Is the most valued commodity in today’s world. Unless you can get it, you cannot succeed on a world stage.

But, in todays media environment becoming an Overnight success is very probably history.  Sure you could become an overnight sensation, through a tweet or a pic, but being a sensation isn’t the same as being a success. 

In the 80s and 90s TV channel MTV blasted acts to the moon and resonated around the world. 

If you can gain major attention in today’s world immediately, chances are you’re going to immediately fail thereafter. Because few things live up to the hype coming from instant success and the hype causes a backlash.

In today’s world it’s not about boom-bust but evolution, what does success version 2.0 look like. When the bar is set so high to begin with chances are you cannot jump over it the second time around and people will stop paying attention there and then.

The moral of this story is its better to grow slowly.