What is acumen

Acumen is the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions.

And this is particularly useful in the business domain, displaying “business acumen”.

None of us were born with acumen, and some of us still dont have it, but over thirty years in business i have seen acumen in action and have been known to display it myself.

This site will be my view of acumen, what it is, how to gain it and how to utilise it for your own and your businesses benefit.… Read more

8 proven Great Manager behaviours, and 3 Must Avoids

I admire much of what Google does, and have interacted positively with the intelligent bright engineers they attract.
Their size and engineering approach- everything empirically proven – has created a wealth of data. And now some of their HR data has surfaced. Highlighted in an HBR article, Google have attempted to prove empirically the value of a good manager. In a data driven way comparing the data driven performance of great and poor managers (as assessed on their internal assessment- discussed below) Google was able to show a significant (Greater than 99% confidence) the significant benefit of having good managers.… Read more