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Where these posts generate discussion or wide interest they will be expanded here.… Read more

What we can offer you is able to offer businesses an insight into how to effectively implement commercial and human resource strategies.

With over 60 years of joint experience in major multinational organisations implementing business plans  and experience of working on transformational projects with and without the assistance of external consultants, the partners of can tailor solutions to the challenges your business faces rather than apply internal models.… Read more

Four critical concepts for business

I believe the foundation skill of business
is marketing, understanding consumers and their needs,
understanding what we have to offer in return, and the
communication process between your business and our consumer.

Without Marketing there is no demand, no supply, no
manufacturing, no supply chain, no finance to add up the profits
and losses.
Within marketing and thus within
business four key concepts are vital to your business performance.… Read more

Four building blocks to Marketing

I believe every person, to a greater or lesser extent, must become a marketer in some sense of the word. They must market themselves to become married or get a job. Some of us are native marketers, natural salesmen, who can assess a situation what you can off it and then communicate clearly and simple how to solve a problem, either through being hired or through using a service.… Read more

What is acumen

Acumen is the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions.

And this is particularly useful in the business domain, displaying “business acumen”.

None of us were born with acumen, and some of us still dont have it, but over thirty years in business i have seen acumen in action and have been known to display it myself.

This site will be my view of acumen, what it is, how to gain it and how to utilise it for your own and your businesses benefit.… Read more