Respect your audience; managing customers attention

Attention is the number one commodity in today’s world. Unless you can get it, you cannot succeed.

Here i believe we need to discuss how we should respect our audience.

We all know that you’ve got no time and your customer audience don’t either. We’re all overwhelmed with too many things that need doing in too little time.

It’s a privilege to get someone’s attention, you’re not entitled to it. Especially if that person is expected to pay you money for your product after you’ve attracted their attention.

Ask for their attention nicely and thank people for giving it and don’t ask for too much. Ask people to listen to maybe a 3 or 5 minute youtube not don’t expect them to devote an hour lecture about your business. If they like the short youtube titbit then they’ll ask for more. If you send ten emails each talking about different parts of your offer, your customers probably won’t react at all. Unless there is something unusual or powerful to trigger a reaction.

Remember todays economy is a pull economy. You can push, but you’ll get push-back. Sure, you can grease the wheels, pour some petrol to get the fire started, but your engagement will only work if people engrossed in what you are offering and are demanding more.

In today’s environment, marketing has never stood for less. Overt old style marketing is seen by many as phony and manipulative. We end up having to lead our customer engagement with our product and how it can solve the problems our customers have. Either every day more and more people are engaging with your product or you need to make another one, that’s different, and thats more engaging.