The messaging process…

As marketers and business people, but also as managers and leaders our job is to get people to notice and absorb messages that beneficial to them (and to us).

After several decades of being in the commercial process and now teaching it; I think the simplest approach to this is by far the most effective.

I’ve discussed this process before as I discussed customers decision journeys and in great detail here where I reviewed the typical buyer journey plan. Read more

Do you have (the right) triggers?

I was listening to a very interesting podcast from Planet Money, I’m a year behind it was dated September 2014.

Why did I find it interesting, because it was about behaviour. And we’ve been discussing how to influence people’s behaviour for the past few weeks.

The Planet Money commentators mentioned that Charities had been able to raise US$1.4 Billion to help rebuild Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.… Read more