Enhancing your customer experiences

The foundation of pretty much any business is gaining and keeping customers.

What do I mean by a customer decision journey?  This is the process your customers firstly select your business to consider buying from, then evaluate your business, and finally buy your product of service, but it also encompasses their experiences post purchase and into buying or using again building a positive performance loop.… Read more

How to trigger positive behaviour

We’ve all seen those signs in hotel rooms encouraging us to reuse our towels.

towel trigger

Here’s one from the Marriott.

The cynic in me thinks, of course it would save the hotel time, and money if I reuse my towel. But fundamentally reusing towels does provide a strong benefit to the environment potentially saving 273,000 litres of water, 6200 litres of oil, and preventing nearly 200 litres of detergent from being released into the environment per hotel, per year in just the USA.… Read more

Understanding Customer reactions

Last week, I introduced ways in which you can manage customer expectations.

McKinsey in their review of banks performance focus clearly on the moment of truth or the customer experience in assessing whether banks have increased performance.

McKinsey Moments of truth in banking

So how you manage the expectations and experiences of your customers really does influence their purchase behaviour.

Let me go further, by introducing you to a little background.… Read more