What’s the very best question you can ask your customers?

Why do businesses fail?

Sometimes it’s bad management or poor execution, but more often it’s a simple inability to create a product that people actually want to buy.

And how do you know what people want to buy? You ask them.

Getting customer feedback sounds simple enough, but in practice, getting useful quality feedback from customers can be challenging. I was asked in a recent session I was leading about how to assess customer assessment of  their companies performance.… Read more

What Customer problems are worth solving?

It seems to many people that any problem a customer is willing to pay for, is worth solving.  But that may not be the best way to create a sustainable business.  Typically we will start with our own ideas, but this is probably not focused nor compelling enough.

Start with a customer problem, not an supplier idea. Ideas are “free floating” — and most will never turn into a business unless they solve a fundamental problem.… Read more

Are we digitally overloaded?

We hear a lot about digital engagement as a means to enhance our customer service. About how everyone is using digital means to engage with everyone.  But Im delighted to know that my gut feel that this trend is overblown, is correct.

The 11th annual Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey measured the experiences of 24,489 customers in 33 countries and across 11 industries to assess consumer attitudes toward marketing, sales and customer service practices, primarily focused at digitising customer services.… Read more

Why some Customers are unhappy… no matter what

As a General manager you should aim to have a happy customers.

There are times, though, when customers become unhappy, even though you believe they have no right to be. And remain less than happy, no matter what you do.

Today, I’d like to offer some advice, an explanation, and a general strategy.

The advice is- get used to it.

Happy and sad face.

While you can create a great environment for customers, you can’t make some unhappy customers happy.… Read more