Create instant trust with your new boss

We all have new Bosses come into our work lives. Because of this I’d like to share one tip I found to really build a solid and trusted work relationship with a new Boss who joined our business.

Use the power of one simple regular email to your boss.

I say e-mail as I believe your new Boss will probably be very busy understanding the new roles and responsibilities and getting up to speed in your business.  … Read more

People buy from people they like.

The first piece of advice I received when I was hired as a Sales representative was that people buy from people they like.  So my new Boss told me that the reason I was hired was that I was quite likable. And pretty much from then on I have fund this truism to be in fact, true.

What i did find was that some people actually didn’t like me.… Read more

How to quickly assess someones DISC preferences

One of the critical skills of successful General Managers is not only a clear understanding of self, but the ability to quickly size up people that you meet in a business setting, and Identify ways to work with them.  Whether they are new colleagues, a new boss, new clients or new staff- a good GM knows how to quickly find a way to build trust and empathy

I have given some guidance regarding assessing the potential preferences of strangers, but this was a while ago, and really didn’t provide a strong process to assessing a DISC profile.… Read more

Influencing within a Matrix

Matrix structures are becoming more and more common in Asia’s multinationals.

Individuals- used to more traditional management –  are struggling with reporting to two or more bosses, with often competing priorities and differing views on appropriate outcomes.

So how can a manager-in-the-middle negotiate the pitfalls of matrix management?

Working effectively in a matrix requires trust, cooperation, and coordination built upon a foundation of shared goals, clear roles and decision authority, and transparent and timely communication.… Read more

Buying gifts for your DISC friends

It’s almost the end of the festive season and I hope you have you finished buying gifts. If not, and you still need to do some last minute shopping?

Did you realise that we often buy gifts according to our DISC preferences? While it is the thought that counts, but wouldn’t it be great if we had an idea of what to buy for them?… Read more