DISC profile under pressure and stress

We’ve all seen it before and recognize that different people respond to pressure in different ways.

Knowing how a person will react under pressure can be extremely useful in guiding management decisions. Understanding when a person’s behaviour betrays feelings of pressure can also be extremely advantageous in a number of ways.

‘Pressure’ in this sense is defined as a short-term effect.… Read more

Stress and DISC

I have received positive feedback on the DISC related tips and suggestions I’ve been positing, and so I’ll keep this series going by looking at the different behaviour preferences attitudes towards stress.

Every life is stress filled. Different behaviour styles react to stress in different ways, and even become stressed from different situations. It may not come as a complete surprise, but once you understand the reasons,  you’ll be able to make it through, and assist others cope with the ups and downs, daily stressors and anxious moments of day-to-day life that much better.… Read more

DISC and the family

As your kids grow, you would begin to understand how important and influential it is to have a close relationship with them.

Every child is unique and has their individual tendencies. Being able to tailor your parenting techniques according to their behaviour preferences, particularly during times when all is not well, naturally helps you to strengthen the bond with your kids.… Read more

Christmas shopping and DISC personality types

In a previous fun article I demonstrated how each DISC style can work bet towards creating a great holiday.

Here, lets take the same DISC approach to shopping for presents, specifically Christmas.

If you don’t know much about DISC style preferences, check it out here.  DISC can be a powerful tool for personal growth, employee testing, sales training, leadership training, and building working relationships with people different to yourself.… Read more

Holiday planning and Personality styles

I try to plan my next holiday on the journey back from the “current” holiday. It gives me something to do to avoid the emotional drain of leaving a fantastic holiday experience and return to real life once again.

When i was working it was essential to squeeze as much joy out of holidays, less so now, but for me its always good to be able to think about holidays to look forward to.… Read more