How to deal with a Conscientious Boss

I remember when I first came to Asia, how do I deal with a Boss from a culture different to mine. I struggled for a while until i first came into contact with DISC. I quickly saw it was a way to cut through my cultural bias and enable me to understand the behaviours of both my new colleagues and bosses.… Read more

Why should I use DISC at work?

One critical element in my people management over the years has been to develop an understanding of peoples behaviour preferences, and utilising DISC as a means to appreciate these.

As explained earlier DISC is a well regarded measure of how an individual prefers to act either in work or home settings. Its not a personality test, but a self assessment of your behaviour preferences.… Read more

The only 3 interview questions you need, Ever!

Oprah received more than a little criticism for the way she handled her interview of Lance Armstrong. I’m sure she prepared, but maybe not well enough for everyone.

I can’t remember how many people i’ve interviewed for jobs in the last thirty years- several hundreds… and I regret that preparation for interviews wasn’t my strong point.  I understand that preparing for hiring interviews is important,  but until the last minute it wasn’t urgent enough to do preparation when compared to the other urgent tasks on my desk and in my inbox.… Read more

An introduction to DISC

The elevator doors are about to close on you as you try to get in. People are already inside the elevator. One of the people is in a hurry and does not want to wait and was pushing ‘door close’. There is also a bubbly, energetic passenger who holds the door open while greeting you. A third rider is happy either way and smiles while waiting patiently.… Read more