How to quickly assess someones DISC preferences

One of the critical skills of successful General Managers is not only a clear understanding of self, but the ability to quickly size up people that you meet in a business setting, and Identify ways to work with them.  Whether they are new colleagues, a new boss, new clients or new staff- a good GM knows how to quickly find a way to build trust and empathy

I have given some guidance regarding assessing the potential preferences of strangers, but this was a while ago, and really didn’t provide a strong process to assessing a DISC profile.… Read more

Telltale Signs of poor eQ

I really had poor eQ when I first became a General Manager.  I was promoted for my functional skills rather than my leadership or people skills and I really struggled in my first years.

Looking back, the one tip I’d wished I’d received is about the importance of eQ in developing a great team, and a simple means of assessing your own eQ and those of the people around you.… Read more

How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths

Sorry, this is a bait and switch title…

Realistically,  I don’t think something you are terrible at can become something you are world-class at. Such as a weakness (can’t write)  becomes a strength (brilliant author) …  but before you click away in search of better guidance, WAIT there’s more, I’d like to introduce you to the idea of reframing your weaknesses.… Read more

7 Expert habits to becoming extremely Resilient

I have written a few postings on resilience and building resilience as i see it as a key characteristic to successful middle managers.

The ability to cope with stress in your life as a middle manager is essential. This stress can come from those who work for you, work with you and for whom you work, plus stress from outside the organisation.… Read more

Influencing within a Matrix

Matrix structures are becoming more and more common in Asia’s multinationals.

Individuals- used to more traditional management –  are struggling with reporting to two or more bosses, with often competing priorities and differing views on appropriate outcomes.

So how can a manager-in-the-middle negotiate the pitfalls of matrix management?

Working effectively in a matrix requires trust, cooperation, and coordination built upon a foundation of shared goals, clear roles and decision authority, and transparent and timely communication.… Read more