Simplify your arguments to influence

A key skill relevant to leaders at all levels is the ability to positively influence people in such a way that others seek to follow you and act willingly —as opposed to complying with your orders because of the “authority” you hold from the organisation.  We discussed this last week as we reviewed how we could influence more using stories, emption and benefit to convince people.… Read more

What’s the celery test?

It’s called the celery test, and it was described (memorably, if poorly) by Simon Sinek.

The analogy is this ;  you go to a dinner party and someone says to you, “You know what you need in your business? Oreo cookies. If you’re not implementing Oreo cookies in your business, I’m telling you, you’re leaving money on the table.  The next person you meet tells you: “Rice milk.… Read more

How to … Scenario plan for Projects

One of  the challenges I faced while in employment was that when I was starting a project, I was often not really sure what was likely to happen in completing the project. While I was able to describe what I hoped would be the outcome, I was unable to guarantee the results that were likely to be achieved.

I presume you are often in these positions, too.… Read more

The Fifth Deadly Sin

Management consultant Peter Drucker wrote a column for the WSJ  in 1993, as General Motors, Xerox, Sears and IBM lost their clear business advantage. He sought to identify reasons why.

The article, which found five deadly sins in common with these corporate declines, is an interesting one, please read the descriptions and don’t be turned off by the subtitles.

Drucker’s fifth deadly sin is

— The last of the deadly sins is feeding problems and starving opportunities.Read more

7 steps to finish huge projects Fast

You know the drill, you’re called in by the Boss, and he’s nice… you know somethings up.

And it is, you now have a huge project that needs to be done quickly, impossibly quickly.

I’ve been in these situations before and I’ve talked to others who have managed to pull together big projects impossibly quickly, and here’s what we have learned to complete that urgent important huge project before the deadline- seven simple steps to success.… Read more