8 Critical things to do, and don’t do, in your first hour at work

I am a morning person, I always aimed to get to work early, before anyone else, and considered the first hour at work precious. It was a time for me to think and plan, to consider and reflect, before the rest of the team came to work and started bombarding me with e-mails, requests, questions, meetings, reports… work.

I believe one of the reasons I was successful was that I took this first hour as my time to step back from the day to day and reflect how I could be most useful for that day or that week..  … Read more

5 Steps to Breaking bad habits

With the start of a new year our thoughts naturally are drawn to a review of the last year and what we hope to achieve in the new.

We consider some resolutions, and I have a post on forming new habits. But the converse of that is stopping BAD habits. If you can change your behaviour to dispense with those habits you no longer desire.… Read more

What does “act professionally” really mean?

I often hear new managers give their team members the advice that they should act “more professionally”. I am always curious what they specifically mean by this.

I have done it myself and been guilty of un-actionable feedback.

Here’s my take on what acting professionally means to me.

1. Pay attention to the cultural norms in your organisation, and follow them.Read more

3 Benefits in Developing Mindfulness

… and here are 5 tips to practicing it to better your health and wellbeing.

It’s a busy world. You tap away at your computer while keeping one eye on your iPhone and another on people walking past your cubicle. You plan your day while listening to your playlist and commuting to work, and then plan your weekend on the way back eyes glued to your iPad Calendar avoiding either fellow bus passengers or fellow drivers.… Read more

Nine benefits of social media focus

I haven’t been posting anything recently on commercial issues as I focus on HR, but a recent post on business insider  based on their original social media research, could be a useful addition to our resources section.

After several decades of engaging with consumers I am a strong advocate of focus, and so this article really resonated. In my current NGO role we (mis-)use twitter, facebook and linkedin– and the team remain confused what style of content links with each contact and with different consumers attentive to each social media channel.… Read more