Are modern management theories useless?

On my Christmas holiday travels i was able to read the last Economistof 2016, and saw a relevatory column by “Schumpeter” where he eulogizes the foundation theories of modern management thought.

He likens modern management theory to pre-reformation catholic dogma-  where often unbelieving priests sold “get out of purgatory” indulgences to desperate congregants… Yes sounds like modern management consultancy to me.… Read more

How memorable is your brand?

I’ll continue thinking about brands, businesses and growth, by now considering measurement.

We know that to successfully grow brands you need to win the battle for mental availability in your consumers mind by creating a compelling expectation and the battle for physical availability on retail shelves y delivering a distinctive experience.

les marketing 1

So how can we measure mental availability, the quality and quantity of the consumers expectation?… Read more

How to grow your brands- physical availability

Over the past months I have been describing the background research to marketing’s new research-based paradigm. And last week i described how to grow through increasing mental availability- by creating a compelling expectation in the mind of the consumer.

Now, I’ll describe HOW you can use these insights to grow your brands and your business by winning the in-store battle, the battle for the shoppers basket thus delivering a compelling experience.… Read more

How to grow your brands- mental availability

In the last few weeks, I have been focusing on dispelling some of the biggest marketing growth myths

  • the myth of focusing on building loyalty
  • the myth of focusing on the heavy buyer
  • the myth of focusing on being different
  • the myth of focusing on the satisfied customer

And have challenged these myths using Byron Sharp and colleagues new research based paradigm.… Read more

Increasing Penetration is all about mental and physical availability

Welcome central summary blog post in my series dispelling marketing myths.

Throughout this series, I have identified a number of marketing myths, using data primarily from Byron Sharp’s publications and recent Asian research to show why these myths are false. This post will act as a summary emphasising that to grow businesses and brand owners need to understand the importance of mental and physical availability, and tie together everything we’ve learned so far.… Read more