Marketing is all about Growth, and growth is about increasing Penetration

We are nearing the end in my series dispelling marketing myths by looking at what the focus on your business marketing should be.

Throughout this series, I have identified a number of marketing myths, using data primarily from Byron Sharp’s publications and recent Asian research to show why these myths are false. This post will present an alternate paradigm to grow your business.… Read more

Different isn’t Distinctive… and being distinctive is better

A few weeks ago, I set out to bust a number of marketing myths using data based opinions to really understand how businesses can grow. I’m a big fan of Byron Sharp’s work at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and use his research and files to help explain how businesses and brands can grow to become market leaders.

Last week i looked at a brand’s customer base and made the case for using mass marketing as an effective strategy to engage light consumers and use this as a base for long-term brand growth.… Read more

Why I still believe in Mass media

… and why “new media” is just old media on a computer.

My last post looked at describing what makes small brands small and big brands big- as a means of helping new General Managers understand how to grow their businesses. We also discussed what factors need to be considered in growing a brand.

Here we’ll take a closer look at another myth smashed by Byron Sharp’s work at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, we’ll explore brands’ customer bases and which—if any—buyers they should be targeting using what type of media.… Read more

Why BIG brands are BIG and small brands are small

Last week, I tried to smash and shatter the big myths surrounding how we do marketing, I’d like to continue that with some posts influenced by Byron Sharp’s work at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, by taking a more scientific approach to  marketing.

Two weeks ago, I started this series wth the question “what should I do next” to assist General Managers looking to plan for their new financial year.  … Read more

Why the search for EFFICIENCY has destroyed marketing

In my occasional day job with SMU, I have a course designed to assist business leaders, new to Asia, stimulate business growth.  I have been reading widely in this topic area for a few months, and my business life’s assumptions have been shattered.

I was a firm believer in “common sense” strategies aimed at creating and building loyalty amongst a group of consumers and finding ways to be more efficient in increase their purchasing as a means to efficiently grow performance.… Read more