Amazon will NEVER make a profit…

Here’s why I think that; its not because they can’t, but because to do so is not in their or their shareholders best interest.

Increasingly, businesses don’t generate profits. They generate capital gains. 

Here’s the US opportunity… if your company makes profits, it will have to pay taxes on them. (nominally, in theory, 35%) Then you and your investors will have to pay taxes on them again when they’re distributed to as dividends.… Read more

Overnight success is history; managing your customers attention

Attention Is the most valued commodity in today’s world. Unless you can get it, you cannot succeed on a world stage.

But, in todays media environment becoming an Overnight success is very probably history.  Sure you could become an overnight sensation, through a tweet or a pic, but being a sensation isn’t the same as being a success. 

In the 80s and 90s TV channel MTV blasted acts to the moon and resonated around the world. Read more

Make buying simple and easy

While its easy to say this, and in an increasingly complicated world, challenging to say the least, making your customers buying experience easier is a critical means to grow.

What’s at the heart of this? Simple, become the easiest partner to do business with. Make the customer experience easy, frictionless, and anticipative. Eradicate all reasons for customers to choose other companies to do business with.… Read more

Maximize customer value

Do your clients view you with delight like a kid does a candy store?

Making your customers buying experience more valuable to them is another critical means to grow.

How can we do this, through three themes. Optimize customer value by ignoring all product, service, and company boundaries. Bundle, unbundle, and reconfigure products and services. Partner, collaborate, and co-create with business partners and even customers.… Read more

How memorable is your brand?

I’ll continue thinking about brands, businesses and growth, by now considering measurement.

We know that to successfully grow brands you need to win the battle for mental availability in your consumers mind by creating a compelling expectation and the battle for physical availability on retail shelves y delivering a distinctive experience.

les marketing 1

So how can we measure mental availability, the quality and quantity of the consumers expectation?… Read more