What’s needed for Effective strategy implementation?

To start a new year, I’d like to look again at what I believe is the most important thing in business… doing the right things right.

And on the first day of January, I’d like to focus your attention on HOW to do the thing right…

I run a strategy day for SMU for various corporate clients… in the morning we discuss what we need to do… the “what” of strategy development.… Read more

To influence, take people on a journey.

I’m working more and more on assisting companies improve their skills of persuasion, inside their organisations.

This is definitely a key skill relevant to leaders at all levels. the ability to positively influence people in such a way that others follow you and act willingly —as opposed to complying because of the “authority” you hold from the organisation- is more and more sought after. … Read more

How to start your strategy with “WHY”

Today is my session at SMUs Future Ready Forum where I talk about how to integrated the new digital environment into your strategy. I set out the case last week.

for the last three years, I’ve been helping companies think through and communicate strategy and it still amazes me that many companies have no clear idea  WHY they should succeed.  They have strategies, sure, and capabilities, and know where they are competing, but have no heart to their businesses, no reason WHY.Read more

Do 70% of change projects really fail?

There is a much repeated statement in business at the moment that 70% of change management projects fail.

70% fail to change*


If after all this time and focus on managing change projects as still 70% failure, what’s going on?

I teach a session for various corporate clients on implementing change, and I’ve seen this statistic quite a bit, and I’m revising an upcoming session and looking for a motivator to get people to pay attention to the session.Read more

Why good people resign; the 6 key reasons.

Losing a great employee is a terrible thing.

Form a Bosses perspective there’s the time and expense of finding, engaging, and training the replacement. There’s the uncertainty of how the new employee will work out. There’s the hardship on yourself and the rest of your team until the position can be filled. There’s the teams uncertainty if the new hire will succeed and work within the team.… Read more