10 starter tips for Managing from the Middle

At the end of the first day I became a “middle manager” i cried myself to sleep. The job certainly wasn’t what i had thought
it would be; i felt like a rather compressed sponge, absorbing pressure from above and demands from below. I had no idea what the
job of a manager was. I didn’t even know how to get things done, or even what things to do, first!… Read more

8 proven Great Manager behaviours, and 3 Must Avoids

I admire much of what Google does, and have interacted positively with the intelligent bright engineers they attract.
Their size and engineering approach- everything empirically proven – has created a wealth of data. And now some of their HR data has surfaced. Highlighted in an HBR article, Google have attempted to prove empirically the value of a good manager. In a data driven way comparing the data driven performance of great and poor managers (as assessed on their internal assessment- discussed below) Google was able to show a significant (Greater than 99% confidence) the significant benefit of having good managers.… Read more