How to effectively influence behaviour

So, do you take the stairs or escalator?

Rushed for time, or wanting to lose weight to be more accepted by friends?

Does painting the stairs like a piano trigger a different behaviour?

fly in bowl

Painting a simple fly in a urinal reduces “spillage” by 80%… good behaviour can be triggered easily.

Whether you are a new General Manager finding ways to get your team to improve performance, or a brand manager seeking ways for customers to adopt your product, we are all in the behaviour influencing game.… Read more

How do I create a new strategy

One challenge new GMs will we face is how to build a strategy or reposition a business with a new strategy. Let me tell you a story.  I was in San Francisco with some customers, flying to Las Vegas, booked on Southwest Airlines.  As usual we milled around the departure gate, like you did then, waiting to board, having never flown Southwest.  … Read more

6 Unacceptable Failures

There is a whole literature about success being born from failure.

And, yes, in essence I agree with this big idea; that only through testing yourself and accepting that your testing could produce failures, can you create a successful business, strategy, approach, career etc.

As a new General Manager, you’ll be counselled by your HR team to be tolerant of failure, to support failure, to even encourage failure as a means to speed success.… Read more

Your role in developing young managers

When you joined your company, the HR department probably suggested how you could develop, and maybe suggested a course or two. And that’s it, your development was left to you and maybe your manager once a year when you had to fill in some forms during your performance appraisal.

I have always felt this hands off approach to the development of talent to be sadly lacking.… Read more