Hygiene is paramount in building customer service

Well yes, that sort of hygiene is important, but “Hygiene factors” in building customer service are significantly more important than previously thought and significantly more important than delighting your customers.

Frederick Herzberg introduced concepts in the 1950s that have revolutionised the way we look at employee motivation in the workplace and these have now moved into motivating customers in business. His theory introduces two separate scales measuring employee satisfaction.… Read more

Triggering the right behaviour

A trigger is a cue, or a call to action. It’s something that says, “Do this now.”  But there can be different sorts of triggers depending on your motivation and ability.

Considering my preferred model of behaviour  developed at Stanford University by B.J. Fogg, the trigger is a criticla part of the model.  As we have seen behaviour is based on both your ability to perform the behaviour and your motivation to perform the behaviour… but to actually behave in that way you need a trigger.… Read more

Do you have (the right) triggers?

I was listening to a very interesting podcast from Planet Money, I’m a year behind it was dated September 2014.

Why did I find it interesting, because it was about behaviour. And we’ve been discussing how to influence people’s behaviour for the past few weeks.

The Planet Money commentators mentioned that Charities had been able to raise US$1.4 Billion to help rebuild Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.… Read more

How to effectively influence behaviour

So, do you take the stairs or escalator?

Rushed for time, or wanting to lose weight to be more accepted by friends?

Does painting the stairs like a piano trigger a different behaviour?

fly in bowl

Painting a simple fly in a urinal reduces “spillage” by 80%… good behaviour can be triggered easily.

Whether you are a new General Manager finding ways to get your team to improve performance, or a brand manager seeking ways for customers to adopt your product, we are all in the behaviour influencing game.… Read more

Top 4 firing signals

In my new self directed role, I am happy that I have no team members.

Looking back on my management career, the biggest people mistakes I made weren’t in hiring people too quickly, but in firing too slowly.

Let me be clear, a bosses job isn’t to go around and look for people to fire. But to assess when a person becomes a bad fit with their work, team, and company.… Read more