How to transition into a leadership role

Recent extensive research has revealed a disproportionate percentage of executives were unprepared to inspire and lead themselves and others to achieve higher levels of performance in an increasingly complex and demanding global marketplace. Powerful executives are those who consistently produce excellent results while maintaining personal energy and enhancing their relationships as well as the skill and commitment of those they lead.… Read more

4 reasons why leaders fail

I see often that Companies move younger employees with less experience into executive roles faster than ever. And they don’t always prepare these leaders for what they will find at the top. Its my role with SMU to assist leaders prepare for their future roles.

That’s just one reason 50-70% of executives fail within the first 18 months of promotion into an executive role, either from within or coming from outside the organization(Of those, about 3% “fail spectacularly,” while nearly 50% “quietly struggle.”).… Read more

Where can I find great entrepreneurial ideas?

Look inside!

The most common question i get from the managers I teach, they see themselves as aspiring entrepreneurs, is where can they find the right idea for a business. A businesses to make them rich.

Often they think the idea will fall from the sky, or one day the idea will walk up to them and say “hi”.  But my reply is if you want to start a business, you find an idea.Read more

How do I navigate all the data in the universe?

For the past several weeks I’ve been detailing a series of mental models of decision-making, examples of short cuts to enable us to manage better.  Thinking more about these mental models, I thought further to realise that in our business lives, we are challenged by four BIG issues;

  1. We don’t see everything; because there’s just too much data. Some of the information we filter out is actually useful and important.
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