Where can I find great entrepreneurial ideas?

Look inside!

The most common question i get from the managers I teach, they see themselves as aspiring entrepreneurs, is where can they find the right idea for a business. A businesses to make them rich.

Often they think the idea will fall from the sky, or one day the idea will walk up to them and say “hi”.  But my reply is if you want to start a business, you find an idea.Read more

How do I navigate all the data in the universe?

For the past several weeks I’ve been detailing a series of mental models of decision-making, examples of short cuts to enable us to manage better.  Thinking more about these mental models, I thought further to realise that in our business lives, we are challenged by four BIG issues;

  1. We don’t see everything; because there’s just too much data. Some of the information we filter out is actually useful and important.
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How to enable your team to think more Critically

What happens when a business proposal is tabled at a meeting, or when a new strategy or action plan is discussed, or when you have a competitive or industry review or when you are training your team?  As a new General Manager, are you happy with the depth of discussion that is created or do you feel that the information is treated quite superficially if its taken in at all.  … Read more

Using Covey’s 7 Habits to make great hires

Prospective General Managers must have the requisite skills to bring the best individuals into their team, and hiring skills is an essential part of this.

I’ve written a few posts on interview techniques because I believe that there’s no one perfect way to interview. You interview style depends on the style and preference of the interviewer. Some hirers prefer to get a holistic view of the candidate, others want to dig deeply into the candidates performance, others prefer to take a group approach, still others use questionnaires and other formal means of assessing a candidates suitability.… Read more