Telltale Signs of poor eQ

I really had poor eQ when I first became a General Manager.  I was promoted for my functional skills rather than my leadership or people skills and I really struggled in my first years.

Looking back, the one tip I’d wished I’d received is about the importance of eQ in developing a great team, and a simple means of assessing your own eQ and those of the people around you.… Read more

How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths

Sorry, this is a bait and switch title…

Realistically,  I don’t think something you are terrible at can become something you are world-class at. Such as a weakness (can’t write)  becomes a strength (brilliant author) …  but before you click away in search of better guidance, WAIT there’s more, I’d like to introduce you to the idea of reframing your weaknesses.… Read more

The 5 top reasons why you’re asked ” What’s your Biggest Weakness?” …

… and what your response should be.

Yes, i know its a question loved by many hiring managers, but what’s the real purpose of asking an aspiring job applicant a question like this?

Some commentators believe that asking such a question can be like digging through CVs trying to find any reason why not to hire you. But there are 5 key reasons why you are asked this question.  … Read more