MAS and Singapore monetary policy

I don’t normally link to the Singapore Straits Times, but I thought this explainer was both clear and informative on how the MAS sets Singapore  monetary policy

1. Manage exchange band for $ Singapore

2. Let local banks react to international interest rates


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How prepared are you for the impending crash?

So for the start of 2015, a theme that I will be exploring is how to prepare your business for the impending crash.

Whether its later this year or the middle of next, despitre what Governments do to try to postpone the impending crash, one will inevitably come.

It may be just a minor inconvenience for a few months as stock markets fall and cash becomes tight; or it may be a full blown recession worse even than 2008-9.… Read more

Will Chinese slump swamp our bit of Asia?

I’ve talked before about the challenge facing the Chinese economy.

Here’s two charts from   that detail the slow down and the impact its having out of the main coastal areas.

Source: Chen Long, “Testing the Reformers Resolve.” GaveKal Research, May 27, 2014

More and more of the world is inextricably linked into China’s success as shown by Export trade as a proportion of world GDP.

Can Central Planners Revive China’s Economic Miracle? By Worth Wray
Can Central Planners Revive China’s Economic Miracle?
By Worth Wray

and the overall source of China’s imports

Source of Chinese Imports- Maudlin Economics


Which shows that more than half of Chinese exports originate in Asia.… Read more