double-diamond design thinking

The Double Diamond is a structured design approach to tackle challenges in four phases:

  1. Discover /Research— insight into the problem (diverging)
  2. Define/Synthesis — the area to focus upon (converging)
  3. Develop/ Ideation— potential solutions (diverging)
  4. Deliver /Implementation— solutions that work (converging)

Phases of this process are either diverging or converging. During a diverging phase, you try to open up as much as possible without limiting yourself, whereas a converging phase focuses on condensing and narrowing your findings or ideas.

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5 steps to make it work

If strategy is about making the right choices, then execution is about taking the right actions.

Strategy focuses on thinking; execution centers on doing, and many leaders struggle with identifying the right actions their organization needs to take. This is partly because they have been taught how to plan and not how to execute. Achieving excellence in execution requires cultivating a bias toward action across the organization.… Read more

Sometimes it’s better to swallow your pride and copy

The traditional principles of strategy dictate you should strive to be distinctive from your competitors and separate yourselves from them in the minds of your customers.

Dollar-shave – the online home delivery shaving company- is clearly distinctive to the number one shaving company Gillette which sells through stores. And dollar-shave has used this distinctiveness ( and the resulting lower price) to carve s profitable niche in men’s shaving.… Read more

Is execution a people or a strategy problem?

I’ve recently seen in the Harvard Business review that strategy execution is a people problem, not a strategy problem.

And I disagree with this.

The implementation of strategy is inextricably part of that strategy. A strategy that can’t be implemented or a strategy that is poorly implemented is to me a poor strategy.  Thinking through the execution phase is an important part of strategic thinking.  … Read more