6 Unacceptable Failures

There is a whole literature about success being born from failure.

And, yes, in essence I agree with this big idea; that only through testing yourself and accepting that your testing could produce failures, can you create a successful business, strategy, approach, career etc.

As a new General Manager, you’ll be counselled by your HR team to be tolerant of failure, to support failure, to even encourage failure as a means to speed success.… Read more

Top 10 causes of business problems.

In the series of posts about becoming a great new General Manager, I’ve written almost exclusively about success, successful habits, success processes.  Its time now to consider the causes of business problems, and consider it in a positive way

Failure and the causes of failure, manifest themselves in many ways but to truly solve a problem you must make sure you have found the root cause.  … Read more

How to … Scenario plan for Projects

One of  the challenges I faced while in employment was that when I was starting a project, I was often not really sure what was likely to happen in completing the project. While I was able to describe what I hoped would be the outcome, I was unable to guarantee the results that were likely to be achieved.

I presume you are often in these positions, too.… Read more

Making the HARDEST move

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The hardest move I ever had to make was moving from a functional head- in my case from Business Development Project management, and before that Marketing and then Sales Director- to General Manager.  And to be honest it was the transition that I was least prepared for.

being promoted 2

Looking back on my previous companies, I believe that this move is the most traumatic to job candidates primarily because many of the skills that led them to be great functional heads are pretty much redundant as a new General Manager.… Read more