Your role in developing young managers

When you joined your company, the HR department probably suggested how you could develop, and maybe suggested a course or two. And that’s it, your development was left to you and maybe your manager once a year when you had to fill in some forms during your performance appraisal.

I have always felt this hands off approach to the development of talent to be sadly lacking.… Read more

How to enable your team to think more Critically

What happens when a business proposal is tabled at a meeting, or when a new strategy or action plan is discussed, or when you have a competitive or industry review or when you are training your team?  As a new General Manager, are you happy with the depth of discussion that is created or do you feel that the information is treated quite superficially if its taken in at all.  … Read more

People buy from people they like.

The first piece of advice I received when I was hired as a Sales representative was that people buy from people they like.  So my new Boss told me that the reason I was hired was that I was quite likable. And pretty much from then on I have fund this truism to be in fact, true.

What i did find was that some people actually didn’t like me.… Read more

What are consumer Insights?

As we start working through the start of a new year, we see new plans, new strategies. This reminds me of one critical element that I see lacking in many strategies or plans is INSIGHT.

This is a simple word that means many different things to people, so I’d like to take time to define what Insight means to me.  As brand and business strategists and market observers, we have a strong interest in identifying the potential actionable insights from  mere interesting observations or descriptions.… Read more

Brilliant finance case study- Amazon

If you are looking for an exceptional case study in reviewing a company strategy from its balance sheet and P&L, then look no further than here.

Benedict Evans has a great series of charts to enable you to understand why Amazon works.

Amazon hasn’t declared a meaningful profit, ever.


The company goes against all business tenets about returning profit to shareholders.… Read more