The financial world has gone mad…

When Snap reported “earnings” (I call them losses, big losses) this week – media headlines were strangely over-the-moon with praise, from TechCrunch (“Snap shares skyrocket on first earnings beat with revived user growth”) to The Wall Street Journal (“Snap Climbs Back Above IPO Price After ‘Shocker’ Earnings”).

The theory was that Snap had reported “better-than-expected earnings.” Thanks to these headlines, over February 7 and 8, Snap shares rocketed up 48% though they have fallen off somewhat since then.… Read more

Nine benefits of social media focus

I haven’t been posting anything recently on commercial issues as I focus on HR, but a recent post on business insider  based on their original social media research, could be a useful addition to our resources section.

After several decades of engaging with consumers I am a strong advocate of focus, and so this article really resonated. In my current NGO role we (mis-)use twitter, facebook and linkedin– and the team remain confused what style of content links with each contact and with different consumers attentive to each social media channel.… Read more