Is this the ignition point of the next financial crisis?

I’m not a financial analyst, but I have money in the bank, a mortgage and some investments, so I’m very interested in the financial health of the world economy.

A recent report – “Global dollar credit: links to US monetary policy and leverage” – ¬†published by the Bank for International Settlements in January 2015, is boring but very relevant to the world financial economy.

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How prepared are you for the impending crash?

So for the start of 2015, a theme that I will be exploring is how to prepare your business for the impending crash.

Whether its later this year or the middle of next, despitre what Governments do to try to postpone the impending crash, one will inevitably come.

It may be just a minor inconvenience for a few months as stock markets fall and cash becomes tight; or it may be a full blown recession worse even than 2008-9.… Read more

So how will the rising US$ affect us?

In an interesting PR move the staid Bank for International Settlements (BIS)- the Central bankers, banker- has tweeted the following

@BIS_org: US dollar as global unit of account in debt contracts means a stronger dollar constitutes tightening of global financial conditions.

The signs of growth in the US is positive and this has already resulted in a strengthening of the US$ against many international currencies.… Read more