What’s the Media’s future?

While this is a US chart, it certainly seems to mirror my personal experience…


Traveling by MRT or Bus all I see is people staring into their mobiles. At breakfast or lunch- staring into mobiles, on the bus or MRT home staring into their mobiles, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore- all on mobiles- obviously a biased sample, but increasingly mobile communications- facilitated by large screen phones- is the default mode in Asia.

Increasingly younger people say that mobile is more meaningful to their lives than other media


And that mobile is becoming more useful, for example in transactions or payments (where the US may start, but Asia will rapidly follow)


And as a result advertisers are investing more on mobile and less in traditional media


I would be wary about just using charts which show percentage usage. Why? Because we are in a time of HUGE expansion in time spent interacting with various media channels ( all that time on public transport on the phone is new time interacting with media) AND a time of multiple uses of media channels at the same time- such as iPhone surfing while watching TV, or iPad searching while scanning a newspaper or magazine. Peoples’ behaviours are changing and it’s times like these we need more indepth reviews of actual behaviours… Especially on multiple usage of media.

And for all of us in advertising and marketing, we are definitely living in exciting times.

So have have YOUR spending on advertising changed in line with these consumer changes. And more importantly HOW are you using these new channels to their maximum. ¬†Are you able to distinguish how to use connection with your consumer on mobile, vs iPad, vs Home/office Computer, vs more traditional media. There are differences both in consumption of messages and in action taken on messages… do you know what they are?

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