How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths

Sorry, this is a bait and switch title…

Realistically,  I don’t think something you are terrible at can become something you are world-class at. Such as a weakness (can’t write)  becomes a strength (brilliant author) …  but before you click away in search of better guidance, WAIT there’s more, I’d like to introduce you to the idea of reframing your weaknesses.

I’m researching several seminars currently, and so I would like to put my thoughts together online.  One area of research is related to personal development.  When we start to consider ourselves, most people- myself included – immediately think about our personal weaknesses and then how to eliminate these weaknesses, and even more dream of turning those weaknesses into strengths.  I’m sure that we’ve all had teachers that have told us that if we just tried harder, worked harder then those weaknesses can be miraculously turned into strengths.

I know that by spending time addressing what we perceive as weaknesses, there is an opportunity at BEST to nullify the weakness, at best you will become mediocre at a particular skill.  It will take a lot of time and energy to do something that you are at best mediocre about.

Wow, big deal.

Then i came across some interesting thinking. What about reframing your weaknesses.

Look at why you consider your weakness a negative. Could you, by rethinking about your weakness, rediscover it as a secret strength?

Can changing your mindset to  believe that your weaknesses can ALL be turned into strengths. There might be exceptions, but I haven’t thought of one yet. Even if there are, it is extremely useful to always relook at your weaknesses and see how you can use them to your advantage.

So how do you go about this.  Here’s a thought process you could consider

First step: examine your weaknesses. Write these down on one half of a page

Second step: figure out your strengths, and why they are strngeths. Write these down on the other half of the page.

Third step: figure out how to reframe your weaknesses and rewrite them so that they can appear in the strengths column.

Here are just a few examples …  the main idea is to figure them out yourself. The more you practice this mindset, the better you’ll get at it.

  • Weakness; Not a good public speaker. Reframe as Strength ; Become an intimate communicator instead. Instead of talking to large crowds, consider engaging with small groups or communicate one-on-one instead — and learn to be really good at that. Talk in ways that personally connect you intimately with people. Use real life examples that enable people to connect with you and that draw them to you. Learn effective small-group communication and one-on-one skills.
  • Weakness; Poor writer. Reframe as Strength ; become a people person instead. If you can’t write a great proposal, then make it in person. If you can’t write a great report, try to do a presentation. If you can’t write a great blog, do a video blog or podcast.
  • Weakness; Don’t have a lot of money to start a business. Reframe as Strength ; Become lean and creative instead. More often than not, small can be an advantage in business. You can develop products without bureaucracy, with quick turnaround, without too much planning or meetings. You can market using guerilla tactics. You are faster and more nimble than a larger competitor. You can adapt faster.
  •  Weakness; You aren’t a fast thinker. Reframe as Strength ; become a deliberate thinker. Be more thorough. Be more thoughtful. Become known as the one that focuses on the details and that ploughs through worthwhile projects to make them work. Don’t be the one hundred ideas a minute person- but reframe yourself as the person who works hard to research the single idea that will work. Work on important stuff instead of cranking out a lot of stuff.
  • Weakness; Don’t have large blog audience.  Reframe as Strength ; Enable yourself to be more intimate and build stronger bonds with the small targeted audience that you currently have. Turn these loyal readers into your biggest advocates, and really get to know every new reader. Engage personally with them and have fun with your small audience in a way a bigger blogger can’t. Then leverage this commitment into finding new readers who think similarly to your current readers.
  • Weakness; Not a people person.  Reframe as Strength; work on brilliant stuff alone. Find your niche and make amazing stuff with the talents you have. Find people who are people persons to promote your stuff for you.
  • Weakness; disorganized.  Reframe as Strength; Simplify things so you don’t need to organize (if you only have a few things, you don’t need to organize them). Be a creative genius instead of a diligent organized person.
  • Weakness;  Not good with tech.  Reframe as Strength; Become the low-tech expert. Work with paper or simple text files. This will allow you to concentrate more on your work rather than always being online, always trying out the latest tech stuff, always learning new coding methods or whatever. Let others figure out technology for you.
  • Weakness;  Don’t have enough time. Reframe as Strength; take what limited time you have and use it to maximal effect. Limitations are good — they force us to choose, and in doing so, they force us to choose what’s most essential. That increases our effectiveness. Choose only the tasks that will have the most impact on what you are trying to achieve.

Got the idea?

In this simple way you are able to reframe what you do in a positive way and build it into a strength.

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