Unlocking the perfect development opportunity for you

I am proud to be part of an upcoming executive education course held by SMU, in January.

The essence of the course is to understand the key elements to unlock to build a winning business performance in Asia,

Here’s the course outline

For us all, Asia presents both great opportunities and great challenges. But new-to-Asia business executives often mistake Western appearance and corporate-like views for congruence of business mind-set. Special knowledge, skills and flexibility are needed to effectively decode how to do business in Asia.

Winning Business Performance in Asia provides the perspective needed by executives to enable them to start recalibrating their mind-sets and to take the first steps in an intuitive understanding of business fundamentals and effectiveness in the region.

Here’s whats in the course

SMU course program

Dates- 27 to 30 January 2015… start the year with a burst.