What we can offer you

acumen.sg is able to offer businesses an insight into how to effectively implement commercial and human resource strategies.

With over 60 years of joint experience in major multinational organisations implementing business plans  and experience of working on transformational projects with and without the assistance of external consultants, the partners of acumen.sg can tailor solutions to the challenges your business faces rather than apply internal models.

We have skills in;

Board of Directors development

– team dynamics assessment to assist enhanced performance

– skills development in human resource, and commercial skills

– medium term strategic planning, and implementation of plans

– Director training

Organisational Development

– individual assessment, career development, counselling

– team assessment, dynamics, development and diagnosis as well as implementation

– company wide cultural change leading to enhanced performance

Commercial Development

– strategy review, assessment diagnosis and redeployment

– brand performance assessment, diagnosis and repositioning

– insight development and activation for brands, segments and channels, understanding consumers and customers

– brand portfolio assessment, diagnosis and either repositioning, new brand development, line extension deployment, or brand retirement

– new product ideation, and commercialisation

– skills development and process enhancement

– trade channel assessment and redeployment of commercial resources

– optimal investments in brand building