What’s the very best question you can ask your customers?

Why do businesses fail?

Sometimes it’s bad management or poor execution, but more often it’s a simple inability to create a product that people actually want to buy.

And how do you know what people want to buy? You ask them.

Getting customer feedback sounds simple enough, but in practice, getting useful quality feedback from customers can be challenging. I was asked in a recent session I was leading about how to assess customer assessment of  their companies performance.… Read more

Worlds dumbest idea- my take

Not my view, but that of commentator James Montier.

And I can see exactly where he is coming from. And thinking through his views, what superficially seems like a good idea- reward CEOs for increasing share price- has taken a damaging and illogical turn.

In short, SVM (Shareholder Value management) theory states that the only relevant detail corporations have to focus on is delivering increased financial returns to shareholders.… Read more