DISC preference profiling tool

Every person has distinctive characteristics and qualities, which combines to influence their thinking, preferences and behaviour.

The DISC Profiling System is a positive tool, aiming to help individuals increase in effectiveness as they identify and capitalise on strengths, whilst recognising potential weaknesses and blind spots. disc_chart

DISC is the four-quadrant self-assessment behaviour based model based on the work of Dr. W. M. Marston to examine the behaviour of individuals in a particular environment or within a specific situation. People with similar styles tend to exhibit specific behavioural characteristics common to that style. All people will share these four styles (and their behaviour) in varying degrees of intensity. The acronym DISC stands for the four personality styles represented by the letters:

Dominant: Forceful, Direct, Decisive, Pioneering
Influencing: Optimistic, Friendly, Talkative, Charismatic
Steady: Patient, Loyal, Practical, Steady
Compliant: Precise, Sensitive, Analytical, Diplomatic
In addition, these styles influence an individuals preference to focus on areas within the work environment,
disc for teams
Thus DISC can both assess whether an individual can function in a particular role, or add to the team. Its useful as assisting people understand their own preferences and behaviours and can be used to facilitate work relationships between individuals and within a team.
Acumen,sg is able to assist you with both individual DISC assessment and also team compatibility through a team DISC assessment.