Four critical concepts for business

I believe the foundation skill of business
is marketing, understanding consumers and their needs,
understanding what we have to offer in return, and the
communication process between your business and our consumer.

Without Marketing there is no demand, no supply, no
manufacturing, no supply chain, no finance to add up the profits
and losses.
Within marketing and thus within
business four key concepts are vital to your business performance.
Let me share
Relevant, distinctive, motivating and

– actions/activities must be relevant to
brand, category and consumers

– what we do must be sufficiently different from what any other
brand/business is doing, and stand out amongst the
– what we do MUST persuade target consumers to act, now, in a way
we desire.
– having decided what to do, be consistent in
activating, knowing we become bored with what we do faster than
these four words as a heuristic to almost everything you do in
business and you can become successful. There is more to business,
but these four are a solid foundation on the way to

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